Criminal Defense

When a person believes he or she might be under investigation for a crime or is arrested for allegedly committing a criminal offense, it is of utmost importance for him or her to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. Don’t make any statements. Don’t sign any documents. Consult with and hire an attorney before doing any of the above. An experienced criminal defense lawyer is there to protect your rights. Your lawyer is the only person at this critical stage who is there to protect your rights.  An arrest is the beginning of a process that will require communication, research, hard work, experience and savvy to get the best possible result for you.  For the Government to convict you, guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, if you have been accused of a crime, making any statement to authorities without proper legal representation can hinder the outcome of your case. Retaining an experienced criminal defense lawyer in the earliest stages can make a big difference in your case. Can be the difference between winning and losing, jail or freedom.

At The Law Office of Warren Fitzgerald Muhammad, PLLC, we are committed to protecting your rights, advocating on your behalf, and fighting for your cause. When it comes to complicated and serious legal disputes, you can trust Attorney Muhammad because he has the passion to fight for justice, the experience and skills necessary to obtain the best possible outcome depending on the facts of your case.  

If you were arrested or think that you could be under investigation for an alleged crime in Texas let attorney Muhammad help you. Attorney Muhammad is licensed in the State of Texas and in the Federal Courts of the United States of America. In a career of over 40 years, He has successfully represented clients throughout the state of Texas and in Federal Courts in several jurisdictions throughout the country, from simple misdemeanors to serious felony charges.  Call 832-297-9721 for a free, confidential consultation or fill out a free case review form at the bottom of the page. Attorney Muhammad will provide an honest evaluation of your case.